A Look Back

Honor Your Story by Telling It Forward

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Preserve the Stories That Matter Most

A Look Back works with you to create

  • Keepsake books for families, businesses, or other groups
  • Slideshows for special occasions
  • Recorded reminiscences

If you have ever wished you knew more about your parents or that your grandchildren knew more about you, A Look Back can help.


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Save your or your parents' or your group's stories today. None of us is promised tomorrow. If you don't have the time, consider hiring A Look Back to do interviews and research and record your stories in audio or print so that the next generations know where they came from.


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Make weddings, graduations, retirement parties, or almost any occasion more special with a slideshow of treasured moments. You supply the photos. A Look Back creates the retrospective that will spur conversations about shared joys and challenges.


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Create a keepsake that tells your story, or just a chapter of it. You decide the scope of the project and the format (audio, slides, book). A Look Back scans photos to go with your writing or conducts interviews and writes your story. The result is a precious heirloom.